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Cancer Insurance

Cancer in some form and to some degree affects millions of Americans. In the year ahead, significantly greater than a million new cancer cases are likely to be diagnosed, says the American Cancer Society®.1

If your family is struggling with fears of cancer and you reside the Central Florida area, we may be able to help allay at least some of your fears. The knowledgeable and compassionate insurance agents of Sun Coast Legacy Advisors can assist you in finding an insurance plan to cover some, maybe even a large amount, of the likely costs. That's what cancer insurance plans are intended to do.

Treatment costs are but a few of the things cancer policies cover. They also can help you pay for ...

  • travel
  • lodging
  • food
  • child care
  • daily bills
  • other expenses

Let us meet with you to discuss your circumstances privately. At that time, we'll go over what cancer insurance options and benefits we have to offer. Then, together, we'll choose a cancer insurance plan we hope will afford some degree of comfort to you and your loved ones.

Should I Buy Cancer Insurance?

Cancer insurance is a topic not often talked about around the dinner table. It can assuredly be the “white elephant” in the room if you or a loved one has received a cancer diagnosis. Working through such a diagnosis and the difficult treatment procedures that one must endure can be very traumatic. It is possible, however, to take proactive steps to mitigate the trauma associated with at least one aspect of cancer care: how to pay for it.

Cancer insurance might be just what you need. And we at Sun Coast Legacy Advisors can help you determine if this is something you should buy. It’s worth your while to discuss this with us since the health insurance world changes at an ever-increasing pace.

As a rule, many standard cancer treatments were paid for by health insurance companies. Adding a cancer-specific treatment rider to your policy was helpful in terms of taking steps to address a potential diagnosis. But, usually, the insurance companies absorbed the cost of treatment.

The great news is that medical science continues to make new and amazing cancer treatment breakthroughs, and your the likelihood of surviving a cancer diagnosis improve every day. Those breakthroughs are driving the cost of health care higher, though. As a result, most major medical plans, individual health care plans, and Medicare all have much higher deductibles and co-pays.

Unfortunately, the long-term effects of cancer treatment on the patient’s health may cause significant additional financial burdens such as…

  • health insurance with larger deductibles
  • Medicare with greater maximum out-of-pocket expenses – many near $6,700 annually
  • Paying your mortgage while being out of work
  • the cost of a spouse assisting with appointments and lost wages
  • travel expenses to specialists
  • alternative treatments
  • treatment not covered by your health insurance or Medicare
  • a much-needed vacation after beating the disease
  • and other considerations.

Cancer insurance can be a good selection for consumers who want to address the risk of having to pay for these additional burdens. Some carriers sell polices that also allow you to add specific coverage for Heart Attack or Stroke. While these plans do cover a wide range of benefits, premiums can be very reasonable. Buying a policy to handle these potential costs may be a good idea for you and your loved ones. Contact Sun Coast Legacy Advisors. We’d like to ask a few basic questions to help you determine if cancer coverage is appropriate for you. If we agree that it is, we have a few simple ways to set up a policy appropriate for your needs – and your budget.

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