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Critical Illness Insurance

The Europeans were ahead of us on this one. They came up with the idea of critical illness insurance. But since then Americans have enthusiastically embraced it for themselves. Sun Coast Legacy Advisors offers Central Florida-area residents a comprehensive array of highly rated critical illness insurance plans.

What appears to make these plans more preferable to consumers are the relatively higher medical insurance deductibles in this country along with the complex coverage offered by health insurance and Medicare.

Critical illness insurance provides protection for many specified "critical" illnesses including what statistics show are the three primary causes of death: heart attack, stroke, and cancer.1 If the insured is diagnosed with a particular specified condition, the insurer generally makes a lump sum cash payment to the insured at a prearranged time following the diagnosis. The policy also can be set up to pay out some type of regular income. In addition, it could further require that the policyholder ...

  • have a surgical procedure performed 
  • live on for a minimum number of days after the illness was first diagnosed (This "survival period" differs from carrier to carrier but generally runs 28 or 30 days. You may take comfort in knowing that, given how quickly medical science and treatments advance anymore, a far larger number of patients today are beating critical illnesses and living far longer.)

Be advised that there are a few alternative critical illness policies to those that require lump sum cash payments. These kinds of alternatives directly reimburse the healthcare providers for treatment costs and other expenses connected with any critical or life-threatening illness addressed by the particular policy.

Our insurance agents recognize how confusing all this can appear to lay people. Relax. We'll help you choose a critical illness plan that's right for you. That's the reason we're here in Central Florida - to clarify your various insurance options. Contact Sun Coast Legacy Advisors today.

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